February 24, 2012, the first Friday of Lent, I gave up meat. My vegetarian diet should have ended April 5, 2012, with the end of Lent, but it had already become a lifestyle. It was a lifestyle now fueled by my compassion for animals.

I found a level of the vegetarian lifestyle with which I feel comfortable, yet doesn’t create a burden on my marriage to a flexitarian. Under other circumstances, I would likely become a vegan. But my wife has found the level of lifestyle she feels comfortable with–as a part-time vegetarian, she eats meat just a few times per week–so being critical of someone I love would do more harm than good.

That philosophy should extend to us all. If a vegan tells a vegetarian, “You’re not doing enough,” the vegan is forcing the vegetarian into an all-or-nothing decision. Even vegans cannot eliminate suffering, so why discourage someone from making an effort to reduce suffering?

Veg’n Life was founded with the goal of encouraging and supporting vegans and vegetarians in their efforts to reduce suffering. We lead a unique lifestyle, a lifestyle that thinks outside of ourselves. Other publications on the market fail to address the lifestyle, choosing instead to focus on the diet. But we all know a recipe, no matter how tasty, isn’t going to help us choose a good vegan wallet or deal with family unconcerned with our lifestyle choice.

As Veg’n Life forms and grows, I hope to hear from you, the readers, about the topics most important to you. What are your challenges? What solutions have worked for you? How do you feel? Do you want to do more? Less?

Thank you for joining me here in the dawn of our adventure together.