Veg’n Life publishes articles, essays, columns, reviews, poetry, and fiction. Our audience is composed of people from all walks of life who choose to live as vegans or vegetarians. They are interested in living a healthier, more compassionate life. They want to read about other people who do the same, whether real or fictional.

Unlike other vegan or vegetarian publications, we do not publish recipes. There are plenty of magazines available that specialize in those. Veg’n Life is truly a lifestyle magazine, about life as a vegetarian or vegan. Our general tone is informative and lighthearted, but we’re not afraid to tell it like it is when necessary.

Please read and follow the guidelines below. All submissions must have our audience in mind. Thank you for considering Veg’n Life!

Articles & Essays

We use articles and essays about various topics related to the vegetarian and vegan lifestyle. Submit complete manuscript. Length: 350-1,000 words, 750 words preferred.


We publish short stories featuring characters who happen to be vegan or vegetarian. It is not necessary for the story to use vegan or vegetarian themes, but it should be obvious that the characters share the lifestyle choice of our audience. Length: 1,000-3,000 words, 1,500 words preferred.


We are seeking all forms of poetry making use of themes and imagery important to vegans or vegetarians. Length: up to 60 lines.


We are looking for regular columns to appear in every issue. Inquire to propose the idea for your column. Length: 350-750 words, 500 words preferred.


We publish reviews of books, movies, products, apps, food, restaurants, stores, and more. Length: 150-500 words, 350 words preferred.


Between issues, we like to keep our site active with news summaries (see In the News), anecdotes, testimonials, facts, tips, jokes, profiles, brand/store/restaurant spotlights, book excerpts, and more. Length: up to 250 words.


Veg’n Life depends on our patrons over at Patreon to make contributor payments possible. As a result, payment amounts will vary. Contributors will receive a pro rata share of 100% of patron donations, payable monthly. For example, if your article is published in the Winter issue, you would receive monthly payments based on donations received in January, February, and March. Spring: April, May, and June. Summer: July, August, and September. Fall: October, November, and December. As a result, payments are made after publication via PayPal. We buy first world electronic rights.

How to Submit

Please use this form to submit. Allow up to 60 days for a response. If you do not hear from us in that time, feel free to submit something else.